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PCB Drilling Machine Main Spindle Clamping Collet For H912B ABL 120000 rpm

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PCB Drilling Machine Main Spindle Clamping Collet For H912B ABL 120000 rpm

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Gambar besar :  PCB Drilling Machine Main Spindle Clamping Collet For H912B ABL 120000 rpm Harga terbaik

Detail produk:
Place of Origin: China
Nama merek: KLKJ
Sertifikasi: ISO9001:2008
Model Number: H912B
Syarat-syarat pembayaran & pengiriman:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Harga: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Export Box
Delivery Time: 3~15 days
Payment Terms: TT IN ADVANCE
Supply Ability: 1000 pcs 30-45days
Detil Deskripsi produk
Cahaya Tinggi:

router collet


spindle collet



 Router CNC Spindle High Precision Collet H912B ABL 120000 rpm




Quick Detail :  

MODEL Name  OEM Max Speed  Application  Machine
H912B Drill Collet WESTWIND 120,000 rpm PCB drilling  Hitachi



Description :
H912B  Westwind Spindle Collet of PCB Air Bearing spindle
High precision collet for PCB drilling or router spindle.  Its high speed up to 120K rpm, for  Hitachi machine.  

Runout, vibration, torque, etc controled very strictly to meet high precision hole drilling.

What is collet?

Collet is a key important spare part of PCB spindle, quality control is very strictly, longer use life  is your priority choice.

We offer a range of spare collets, precision matched to nearly one hundred kinds of spindles in PCB industry . According to the different applications, there are collet for PCB Drilling Machine spindle, for PCB Routing Machine Spindle and the Auxiliary collet. Using KLKJ collets will enhance the performance of your spindle and extend their working life.


Collet list and application spindle
Model PN Application other Spindle
D1331-17 17593;17809;20924 D1201-02 ,06 ,19 , 20 ,21 ,33 ,34
D1263-03 ,04 ,06 ,07 ,08 ,09 ,
D1199-03 ,D1210 ,ABW110
1531-01 ,02 ,04 ,06 ,09 ,
1331-01 ,02 ,03 ,07 ,08 ,09 ,10 , 13 
D1331-17 ,19 ,20 ,21 ,24 ,27 ,28 ,38
D1331-26 38431;34381 D1404 ,D1502 ,D1686-01 ,02 ,03 ,04
1331-25 ,26 ,29 ,31
D1331-36 38730 D1331-36
D1331-41 37462 1331-08,30,32,41,42,44,D1201  
1531-08 ,SM170 , MCT150 ,160 ,170
D1331-47 41928 1331-22 ,1331-47
D1331-49 41611 1331-49 ,48 ,51
D1686 40374 D1686-10 ,11 ,12 ,13 ,15 ,16 ,18 ,19 ,23
D1722-03   1264 ,1600 , H501 ,H512 ,1600-01 ,H516D
D1769 41611 1769-06 ,10
D1787   D1787-01 ,D1787-07
D1822-01   D1822-09
M320-24 11257 ; 08085A1 D1519-01 , M320-01 ,03 ,05 ,07 ,10 ,11 ,16 ,17
M320-18, 19 , 20 ,22 ,23 ,27 ,28 ,29 ,30 ,36 ,47 ,52
M320-38 16194 1303 , M320-43 , M320-38 ,M320-55
M320-64 16703 M320-46,50,62,63,64,65,66
M320-63A , 64A ,65A , 66A ,D1170-04,D1303-01,
M320-64C 39773 M320-64C
H242B   H242B
HR08A   HR08A
H912B   ABL-125 ,ASC125 , AW125 , 127480 ,88288
H916A3   H916A3 , H916A
H916C 143480 H916B
H920B   AW160-08 , AW160 , H920A
H920E1   H920E1
ABWR80 17508 ; 216844-10 , 1251-03,ABWR80,M320-60,ABW80
ABW125 41844;414741-01 D1199-06,10,ABW125,ABW-170,D1473-07
SC-53 53533;033503 SC-53
SC-63 63503 SC-63
SC-3163 263508 ; 263506; 263504 SC-3263,HB60B,61B,HB60D,RA-60,KL-60B
W-62 40508518 W-62
W-69 230505 W-69
HB50B 230504 HB50
168   168
SM-220   MCT220
AB200   AB200
SFA2300   SFA2300
More than above models can offered please contact us for details.


Collet Maintenance:


Collet Maintenance - How Often?

It is important to carry out regular collet maintenance to ensure excellent performance and long life from your spindles.

KLKJ suggest the following maintenance intervals:-

Removable collets   every 100 operating hours

Bonded collets    every 24 operating hours


The actual frequency of collet maintenance is depend on application, usage and environment, and could be shorter or longer than the times suggested above.

Please contact KLKJ if you would like advice on your particular situation.



Collet Identification


Spindle models with removable Collet:

M320, D1199, D1201, D1251, D1263, D1303, D1331,

D1473, D1524, D1531, D1686, D1750, D1823-02R



Spindle models with bonded Collet:


D1080, D1264, D1600, D1686, D1722, D1748, D1733,

D1787, D1790, D1795, D1812, D1822, D1823-01


Removable Collet Types:


Removable Collet are either “dead stop” or “positive lock” type.

The “dead stop” type can be identified by a groove around the rear barrel of the collet.

Please ensure you use the correct maintenance instructions. 


Bonded Collet – Do not remove the collet
More details, please feel free to contact KLKJ.

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